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What is the multi-select matrix question in a survey?

With the multi-select matrix question, survey respondents have the option to select multiple answer options from various columns provided for each of the row items. This way, it’s easier for respondents to select the options that they like or dislike, and easier of organizers to get feedback on multiple parameters.


Example of a multi-select matrix question

Let us consider the below example to see how the multi-select matrix question can be used in a survey. Let’s say mobile phone users are being surveyed to see which features they like from various phone makers. The major parameters can be display, memory size, performance, and battery. Respondents may like all, none, or multiple features in a phone. Some may prefer or like display and battery life, while others may like display, memory size, performance, and battery. You can use this type of question to understand which features are important to respondents and from which makers.


Use of a multi-select matrix question in a survey

When organizations want to evaluate numerous parameters for a single service or product, multi-select matrix questions come in handy. A product or service may have various aspects that its customers may like or dislike. Knowing that is crucial to know what’s working and what needs looking at. With this question type, you can easily drill down, plan next steps, and implement them.

Advantages of multi-select matrix questions

While there are many advantages to multi-select matrix questions, some of the most significant ones are:

How to use multi-select matrix question in surveys?

To learn how to use this survey feature, check out our help file on the multi-select matrix questions.