Participant Statistics

Where can I see the overall statistics for my survey?

To view the overall statistics for your survey, go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Reports »  Dashboard »  Participant Statistics

QuestionPro captures data at every point when respondents take the survey. It is important to understand what the different numbers mean in order to do complete analysis of your survey results.


The statistics under Reports do not match up with the statistics under Send Survey. Why?

Under the Reports tab, all statistics are captured including test data, repeat surveys, surveys accessed via URL, etc. However, under the Send Survey tab, the statistics are captured only for the survey invitations that were delivered for the email lists.

What are the different statistics?

  • Viewed: This is the total number of users who click on the link for the survey. Every time your survey is requested, the view count is incremented and updated. The respondent does not necessarily have to start the survey.
  • Started: This is total number of respondents that have started the survey. If your survey has branching or page-breaks, a response is recorded as "Started" if the "Continue" button on the first page is clicked.
  • Completed: The completed count is all respondents that have gone through the whole survey and completed it by clicking on the Finish button on the last page of the survey.
  • Completion Rate: This is equal to Completed Survey Responses divided by the number of Started Survey Responses.
  • Drop Outs: This is the number of respondents who start the survey but do not complete the survey.
  • Validation Errors: This is the number of times someone has encountered a validation error during the survey.
  • Terminated via Branching: If you have setup the branching in your questions to terminate the survey for a criteria, then the number of terminated respondents will be displayed in this column. Please note that this will only be displayed if you have setup branching to termination.
  • Learn more about the Email Participant Statistics at the email invitation participant statistics help file.

NOTE: The Survey Statistics are updated even when you are testing the survey. Please make sure to delete the test survey data and to reset the statistics before making the survey live.

Why is the response counted as Complete even though respondents have not answered all the questions?

By default, respondents can skip questions and proceed with the survey and complete it without answering questions. The survey is considered complete when the respondents click on the Finish/Submit button on the last page of the survey. To avoid blank survey responses, you can validate the questions and make them required.

Why does the total in my data analysis not match up with the total completed surveys?

The data analysis represents all users who have chosen to answer a question. In some cases, users do not answer all the questions. In such cases, the total count of users completing the surveys will be different than the data analysis.

For surveys that do not have page-breaks or Branching the started count should be equal to the completed count. If the started count is more than the completed count, that number represents the drop outs after starting the survey.

Why does the total responses for a question in my Frequency Analysis Report not match up?

The total responses to any question should be less than or equal to the Started count, but may not be equal to the completed count. If the respondents chose not to answer that question then the count will always be less than the Started count.

If you have required answers to questions on your survey, and the total does not add up to the "started" or "completed" count, these are drop-outs where users have chosen not to answer the question after starting the survey.