Participant statistics


What are participant statistics in surveys?

It is crucial to understand participant statistics to know how effective and successful your online surveys are. With this online questionnaire setting, you can understand how many your survey respondents viewed the survey, answered it, dropped out midway through, completed it, etc

This helps in gauging the performance of your surveys and further improving the response rates. Your survey participant statistics are as follows

Example of participant statistics in a survey

Let us consider an organization that is conducting customer satisfaction surveys. After launching the survey, they can view the survey respondent details to determine the performance of the questionnaire. Using the data of views, responses, and drop-outs, they can determine the next steps. This also helps in planning and figuring out the right time to send surveys the length, types of questions, etc.

Participant-statistics1 Participant-statistics2

Uses of participant statistics in surveys

Your database plays a vital role in conducting online surveys. You need to have data that is segmented, verified, and, most importantly, current. Using this online survey setting, you can determine how good the quality of your data is. You can evaluate that with the number of surveys delivered, answered by your respondents, and the type of responses.

Advantages of creating surveys with participant statistics

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