Password Protected Surveys

How can I enable password protection on the survey?

There are two options to password-protect a survey: using a global password or using an email and password combination.

How can I set up a global password?

To set up the global password:

  • Login » Surveys » (Select Survey) » Edit » Security
  • Under Survey Authentication, select Global Password Protect.
  • Enter the desired Survey Password. Passwords can be a maximum of 64 characters long.
  • Click Save. Note: Survey respondent tracking and Anti-Ballot Box Stuffing will work with password protection enabled.

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How can I set up an email and password combination?

To set up the email and password combination, go to:

  • Login » Surveys » (Select Survey) » Edit » Security
  • Under Survey Authentication, select Individual Login.
    • Select Email/Password from the Select Login Type drop-down.
    • Enter the Email Address Field Label and the Password Field Label. If you will be uploading a spreadsheet with the information, these would be the headers to the columns of email addresses and passwords.
    • Click Manage Lookup List.
      • If you already have an email list loaded, you will see that here and can select it to use.
      • If you need to create a new list, click Add New List.
      • Enter a list name, then select the Input Method.
        • Upload a file will allow you to upload a CSV or Excel file with the email addresses and passwords for each email address. Check the box by Header Row in your file if that is a header row. Please note the format will need to be: EmailAddress,FirstName,LastName,Password,Field1,Field2, etc. Custom variables can be uploaded with the list. After selecting the file, click Upload File.email_pass_upload
        • Copy/paste will allow you to enter the information by pasting it in. Each list of data should be on a separate line (one email address, firstname, lastname, password, field1, field2, etc., per line). After entering the data, click />
    • Click Finish once the information has uploaded. Click Save.

When respondents try to access the survey, they will be asked for their email address and password.

How can I set up an email and password combination where the email is automatically detected?

Follow the same steps as listed above to set up an email and password combination, except that instead of Email/Password for the login option, select Password (email detected automatically). Follow the rest of the steps for uploading or copying and pasting the list (the list format is the same for both the email/password combinatino and the password where the email is detected automatically).

When respondents click the link in their email invitation, their password will be requested to access the survey.


If respondents try to access the survey without clicking a URL in an invitation email, they will see the error shown below.