Password-protected surveys


What are the password-protected surveys?

Adding a password to your surveys adds a layer of authentication to your surveys. To view and answer the survey, it will require respondents to log in with their unique password.

Surveys with a password ensure they are available to only those respondents whom you have emailed or invited. For more security, you can enable email address/password validation on the survey. Respondents will have to enter their email address along with the individual password to access the survey.

To protect your surveys, secure them with a password when you want to share them with specific groups. When someone tries to access the survey, they will be shown a screen asking for a login id and password. They will able to proceed only after the credentials are validated.

Example of a password-protected survey

You can enable “Global Password Protect” to set a common password for all respondents of a specific survey. With this security option configured, all respondents will be asked to enter a password to start the survey.


Uses of password-protected surveys

Surveys creators can set up surveys with passwords using a survey tool to save your market research from cyber threats and data breaches. They are essential to make sure respondents’ data is safe, secure and undiluted with unwanted responses.

Types of password protection for your surveys

There are many types of password authentication, such as:

Note: To apply piping or to pipe the text from one question to another, skip logic is necessary.

Advantages of restricting access to surveys with a password

How to add a password to your survey?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on global password protection of surveys.

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