Presentation text survey question


What is a presentation text question?

Presentation text is a text that can be used as messages, instructions, or headings in your survey. It can also be used to visually separate sections in your survey. The section headings can also be used in the reports to help visually see groups of questions.

The presentation text question is one of the static content types that QuestionPro surveys offer. It means this type of text is only for the display purpose and doesn't require any input from the respondents.

The other question types that you can use to add additional information to the questionnaire are:

Such static content types serve to offer supporting information to respondents only. As no input is expected from the respondents, they are also not considered while generating reports from the survey data.

Example of a presentation text in surveys

Consider a university that wants to conduct a course satisfaction survey to get student feedback. They can use the presentation text to let the students know the goal of the survey. You can also include any important links or contact information.


If a company wants to conduct a competency assessment, they can inform the employees about the purpose of the survey. They can also add some information about what will be done with their responses. For instance, they can add the below text as the survey introduction or presentation text.

'The goal of this assessment is to help you understand your strengths, improvement areas, and how we, as an organization, can help you achieve your maximum potential.

Your responses will be used by the Learning & Development department to suggest the training you should take.

The assessment will take 10 mins to complete, and your responses will be kept confidential.'


Presentation text settings

You can format the text and add images using the rich content editor. Apart from it, QuestionPro surveys offer below settings.

Answer type: You can convert presentation text question into one of the below question types.

You can use the 'Checkbox - I agree' option to let respondents agree to the terms and conditions of the survey.

Video: You can upload videos as part of the presentation text. You can add videos from the below sources.

Learn more: How to embed video in a survey?

Report label: You can add a tag to the presentation text question to identify it quickly while adding survey logic.

Points to keep in mind while using presentation text in surveys

  1. Respondents use presentation text to judge the content of the survey. Misleading information sometimes results in respondents skipping the entire section.

  2. The presentation text will not be visible in the reports.

Uses of a presentation text question in surveys

Advantages of presentation text in surveys

How to add presentation text in surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the Presentation Text question.

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