Print survey responses


Print survey responses

You can let survey respondents print responses after they complete the questionnaire. They can review survey responses and print them to keep a record of their answers.

Standard options:

Advanced options:


Example of print responses page

Consider an online quiz asking general knowledge questions.

paper survey paper survey

A respondent might want to print responses and want to calculate his/her approximate score.

paper survey

Uses of a print responses page

  • Custom thank you page: Survey creators can use this feature to create a custom thank you page with the answers of the respondents. A typical thank-you can look quite dull.

  • Online quizzes: Participants of an online exam or quiz might want to keep a copy of both the questions and answers with themselves. In such cases, they can print completed survey responses to check answers later.

  • An offline copy of responses: If respondents want to keep a physical record of their survey questions and answers, they can print this page.

  • Paper surveys: Paper surveys are used for data collection for people that are not comfortable with the technology or have limited connectivity with the internet. For such respondents, their individual responses can be printed and shared with them.

Advantages of printed individual survey results

  • Summary of responses: You can view the summary report of the research questions and print survey data after you submit the answers.

  • Use it for future reference: Respondents can use print completed survey results and keep it for your future reference.

How to allow respondents to review and print responses in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on Review/Print responses.

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