Project management


What is project management for surveys?

Project management for surveys is a comprehensive suite of research solutions and consulting that fits your specific project and research needs. Sometimes, you know what you need but don’t know how to get there.

Sometimes you may not even have the time or the manpower to get you there. Using project management with your surveys ensures you get from where you want to be to where you need to be. Maintain a competitive edge by letting us take care of all of your process problems.

Examples of project management for surveys

A good example of project management for surveys is when a University is looking to change their research platform from Qualtrics to QuestionPro. In such a scenario, the team jumps in, making sure the migration process is as quick and efficient as possible with no downtime and no loss of survey data. Not just that, to ensure continuity, there is a specific focus to map the existing question types to more efficient options and run any existing customization on the previous suite. This provides a seamless transition from the platform to ensure no-pause insights collection.

Uses of project management for surveys

The most significant use of project management for surveys is when you would like to focus on the most crucial aspect of the research - the insights, and leave the heavy-lifting to the research process experts. Leveraging the project management allows you the ability to be able to focus on strategy while we focus on the analytics and insights in the background. Another use of project management is when you are looking to migrate platforms; we do everything to ensure the transition to us is as smooth as possible.

Types of project management for surveys

Advantages of project management for surveys

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