Quota Management

What is Quota Control?

With Quota Control, you can control how many respondents you want for each option in a question. This is different from setting up the response quota which sets a quota for the total number of responses obtained for the survey. For example, if you would like to have an equal distribution of males and females in your survey, Quota Control allows you to put a limit on the number of people responding to each option and optionally terminating the survey based on the criteria.

How do I enable Quota Control?

To enable Quota Control, go to:

  • Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit Survey
  • Hover over the question to which you want to add quota control. This will bring up the fly-out menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Click Logic.
  • Select Quota Control.
  • Enter the desired quota limit for the answer options. When set to 0, quota control is disabled.
  • Select the desired Jump To destination.
    • Another question: This will take respondents who answered the question with an option that had already reached its quota of responses to another question in the survey.
    • Terminate Survey: Responses will be recorded as incomplete.
    • Quota Overlimit: Respondents will be taken to a quota over limit page. You can customize the quota over limit message.
    • Go to Thank You page: Respondents will be taken to the thank you page and responses will be recorded as completes.
  • Click Update Quota Control to save.


What is 'Enable Minimum Quota'?

'Enable Minimum Quota' option is only applicable to Multi-select question type. When 'Enable Minimum Quota' is enabled for multi-select question, if the respondent selects more than one option but one of the option's quota is full and the other options they select would allow them to continue, survey will not terminate and user will be allowed to continue to next question.

For example for the question given below if the respondent only select Visa when the quota is full survey will terminate for over quota. If respondent selects Visa and Mastercard and only the Visa quota is full, both answers will be recorded in the data and the respondent will continue to next question.


How can I enable 'Minimum Quota' for multi-select question?

To enable 'Minimum Quota' for a multi-select question go to 'Quota Control' by following the steps given in question 'How do I enable Quota Control?'. Enable the 'Minimum Quota' and click 'Save Logic':

How many criterias can I add in a logic?

You can add upto 5 criterias in a logic.