Raw data export


What are raw data exports in surveys?

With QuestionPro, you can download the raw data directly to Microsoft Excel, and CSV reports. Using this raw data of survey responses, managers and teams can do a detailed analysis offline.

With the raw data of your online survey responses, you can create charts and graphs relevant to your organization or use it to represent data pertinent to specific departments.

Example of raw data export in a survey

Consider a brand that does frequent online customer surveys to check on customer feedback and what measures can be taken to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention. It is unnecessary to share all the reports from all studies with your organization’s managers or departments. You may share aspects that are relevant to specific teams. Let us consider customer service in this case. You can download the raw data, perform analysis, and create reports that specifically discuss your customers’ responses to resolving their queries. The customer service department can use this data to improve their efforts and numbers and bring service complaints down.

Raw-data-export1 Raw-data-export2

Uses of raw data export in surveys

Using the raw data from your online questionnaires, you can share specific aspects of your studies with particular individuals or departments. The department can use relevant data to work on improving its processes and operations.

Advantages of creating surveys with raw data export

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