Response map surveys


What is the response map in surveys?

The response map shows a distribution of your online survey responses based on the region your respondents answered the survey form.

Utilizing this option lets you understand which regions are more responsive to your online surveys and indicate the percentage of responses from a particular region. This makes it easy to compare the responses from the other areas.

Example of response map in a survey

Consider a Software as a Service (SaaS) brand that provides an email marketing platform to its global consumers. They want to conduct a market research study to see where most of their customers lie. Using just essential or a minimal number of questions in their online survey, they can clearly identify which areas of the world have the maximum number of users of their tool.


Uses of response map in surveys

Retail stores or car dealerships that are spread across various cities need to cater to all of them, and that may get hard sometimes. While you can segment your data and run surveys or marketing campaigns accordingly, there is a better option, to begin with. You can use a response map to study where your respondents are densely populated and then move on to other steps. A region with ten respondents amongst a data size of 10000 people may not warrant aggressive survey or marketing efforts. You may prefer in-person or over-the-phone surveys. Response maps can help you evaluate your data to define and execute your strategies.

Advantages of creating surveys with response map

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