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What is search and replace in surveys?

You may have surveys for multiple products that could essentially have the same questions due to product similarities or categories. You can use the same surveys by replacing just the product name, type, or category. The search and replace survey setting lets you find and replace keywords, phrases, etc. from your new and existing surveys.

Example of search and replace in a survey

Let us consider a brand that has launched a new product (e.g., Product B) in the market. It is a new product in the same category for the brand. They might have surveyed their existing product (Product A) sometime in the past. Since the product is similar and falls in the same category, they can repurpose the old survey and simply replace the old product name.


Uses of search and replace in surveys

The option comes in handy when you need to change something in an entire survey without changing the online survey flow. Rather than creating an entirely new survey, you can repurpose an old survey and replace it with new words, questions, or phrases. The feature is useful for new surveys as well, where you might have entered an incorrect product name, service is misspelled, or you need to replace some words to get better data from your survey respondents.

Advantages of creating surveys with search and replace

There are many advantages to using search and replace in surveys. Some of the most prominent benefits are:

How to use search and replace in surveys

To use search and replace in surveys, read our help files on how to set up search and replace .