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What is an HTML email?

An HTML (HyperText Markup Language) email enables surveyors to use colors, images, and graphics as compared to plain text emails for sending out online surveys.

The researcher can customize the email to suit his/her brand colors and add a visual appeal to the emails. HTML emails empower researchers with everything that plain text emails don’t. They help grab the reader's attention more efficiently, aiding in a surge of survey completes.

Example of an HTML email

A classic example of HTML emails are emails sent by airlines. Airlines must always maintain its brand guidelines like brand colors and fonts while addressing customers. They can easily customize the email to suit their wants and needs. As airlines always need customer experience data, they create appealing and attractive email invitations to capture extensive information.

Uses of an HTML email

Researchers or organizations can tailor an HTML email to make it look more attractive. The main motive of HTML emails is to increase the response rate of the survey. Organizations looking to send customized emails containing their brand guidelines, such as their brand logo and brand colors, can easily do so with HTML.

Advantages of using HTML emails

HTML emails have the advantage over text emails and here's why:

How to use HTML emails

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our our help file on creating an email invitation template.

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