Thank you email notification


What is a thank you email notification in surveys?

A thank you email notification is simply an automated email to thank respondents for taking and completing a survey. The email is configured in a way that is triggered as soon as the respondent completes a survey.

With the help of custom variables, the tool deploys an automated email survey is triggered to thank the respondent for their time and insights.

Example of an automated thank you email in your survey

Brands collect feedback from customers daily. These research studies could span customer satisfaction, customer engagement, product and service feedback, and several other reasons. Using an automated email survey, with the help of a text-box or email input survey question, the thank you email is triggered to respondents. An apparel brand that conducts a survey would like to thank respondents for their time and configure an automated thank you email to be triggered to everyone who participates in the survey.


Uses of thank you emails in your survey

As mentioned above, using a thank you email in the survey provides instant gratification to a respondent that their insights matter. This survey is a precise method of a brand showing customers and other respondents alike, that their opinions matter.

Advantages of automated thank you emails

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