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What is show/hide option logic?

Show/Hide option logic refers to the ability to show or hide answer options in either a matrix, single-choice, or select-many questions based on pre-defined criteria. These criteria could be answers to questions previously asked in the survey or custom variables assigned beforehand.

Once the survey is live, you may not be able to delete the answer options that have already received responses. However, you can hide such answer items so that respondents do not see them. Say, some of the answer options may not be available after a specific date, and so you would want to hide such answer options.

Example of show/hide logic applied on answer options

Consider a shoe manufacturing company that wants to survey to find out the footwear preferred by the customers for a business meeting.

hiding answer options

Based on the gender selected in the above question, the questionnaire will show answer options in the following question. For men, the system will hide the options - flat sandals and heels.

Show hide answer options

Using show/hide options logic in surveys

Apply the show/hide logic on a question whose options you want to display or hide. A page break between the source logic questions and the question you want to show/hide options for, is necessary for the logic to function correctly.

Below are some of the logic options that might help you better design your survey.

Uses of hiding answer options in surveys

Advantages of using show/hide options logic

How to set up show/hide options logic in surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on show/hide answer options.

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