Show or Hide Questions

What is Show/Hide Question Logic?

Show/Hide question logic allows you the ability to show or hide questions based on criteria you define. This is useful when your logic doesn’t require to be triggered immediately. It is an alternative to Compound/Delayed logic

Important Items to remember

Note: Show/Hide Logic will not work on the last question on a page.

How can I set up the show/hide question logic?

Consider this scenario: You have three questions – Questions A, B, and C, and you only want to show Question B if the answer to Question A is, “Yes.”

Add a page break after the question that the logic is based on (in this case, Question A). The important thing to be noted is that there is a page break somewhere between the question the logic is based on and the question that you want to show or hide based on the logic.

To set this up, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to: Login » Surveys » Edit » Question's Logic icon
  • Click on Create New Criteria.
  • Enter a name for the criteria. For example: Section 1
  • Select Criteria Type.

    Question: You can set the criteria, based on which options are selected by the respondents

    System variables: You can define certain values for system variables on which the logic will trigger. For example: IF custom variable 1= Support department, jump to support department section Q5

    Geo Location: You can set criteria based on which location the respondent is taking the survey from. You can select State, city, Country

    Email list code: You can set up a logic criteria based on which email list the respondent belongs to. For example: IF email list= email list -1, jump to Q6

    Device Type: You can set the criteria based on which device the survey is being taken. For example: if device=Android, branch to mobile section Q7

  • You can also select the logic operator (equals, greater than equals, less than equals, greater than, lesser than, or not equal to) and answer option(s). To select more than one answer option, either Shift+click, or CTRL+click.
  • You can add up to 5 additional criteria.
  • Click Save & Use This Criteria.

    Select the Display Mode for the question.

  • Show Question if Criteria Matches will hide the question by default.
  • Hide Question if Criteria Matches will show the question by default.
  • Click Save Logic.