Signature survey question


What is the signature question in a survey?

The signature question lets the online survey respondents add their digital signature in the questionnaire. The digital signature can be added via the touchpad or touch screen of a device such as a tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or an iPad.

If you have your digital signature stored in the system, you can simply exercise the drag and drop option to attest your signature. In some cases, if acceptable, you can also use your email signature in surveys.


Uses of the signature question in a survey

The signature question comes in handy if you are doing in-person surveys or running questionnaires on the field. You can gather answers or choices from the respondents, input them as answered, and get their signatures via touch screen or mouse. This helps if you are on the field and need to collect more responses in a shorter amount of time.

Example of the signature question

Consider you are writing a recommendation for your friend or colleague. It is an online form, but you need to authenticate too. You can simply provide your digital signature. Another example can be signing a lease form. If you are unable to do it personally for some reason, you can sign it online; federal and private institutions trust digital signatures.


Advantages of signature questions

While there are many advantages to signature questions, some of the big ones are:

How to use the signature question in a survey?

To learn how to use this survey feature, check out our help file on the signature questions.

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