Smiley face surveys


What is a smiley face survey question?

Smiley face questions are a visual means of sharing feedback, opinion, and experience. They can be used to measure the satisfaction level and the extent of likingness.

Smiley faces communicate emotions and is often used in customer and employee feedback surveys. They are easy to use and quick to answer, and so are a massive hit among both survey creators and respondents.

Smiley rating question has textual question and smiley face answers as options. The emoji survey question has a 5-point smiley face scale, representing sentiments from negative to positive.

smiley face survey

QuestionPro lets you change the color and flip the order of the smiley face rating scale. You can also upload custom smileys images or gifs to give an interesting twist to your questionnaires.

How can I set up the smiley face survey question?

Add a smiley face rating question.

smiley question
smiley face survey

Learn more about setting up and using this feature with our help file on the smiley face question type. Know how to reverse the order of the smiley face likert scale and change the color with this help file.

Other graphical rating questions:

Advantages of using smiley survey questions:

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