Spotlight report


What is a spotlight report?

A spotlight report shows survey results to respondents after the survey. This report enables them to see how their responses compared to the overall survey response. After the respondents complete the survey, the survey software redirects them to the spotlight report.

Spotlight report shows a pie chart and bar chart of the response distribution and percentages for each answer option. Survey creators can customize the chart type they want to present to the respondents. This report similar to a real-time summary report, except the spotlight report shows a “Your Choice” pointer to every respondent. Respondents can also download this report in the form of a PDF file.

Example of a spotlight report

Consider a university that wants to conduct a course evaluation survey. The spotlight report will show the percentage of students who have opted for various courses. Thus, they will be able to compare their choices or experiences with others.

Spotlight report

Survey finish option - Spotlight report

Generally, once the respondents answer all the questions, they are shown a 'Thank you' page. Survey-creators can present spotlight report to give a more personalized feel to the respondents. It is one of the many survey 'Finish options' that QuestionPro supports. Some of the other finish options are:

Standard options:

Advanced options:

After selecting the finish option, you can configure the survey tool to compare the results with other parameters. This option sets a filter for the spotlight report. Once you create a data filter, the respondents who fall under this filter would be able to see the spotlight falling under that particular criteria.

For instance, consider the question, 'What is your gender?' Apply filter on the spotlight for the answer option male. Now, if a respondent selects the option male, he would be shown the spotlight compared to all the respondents who selected the same option.

You can define your custom spotlight criteria. QuestionPro offers two options to set your rules.

Learn more: Data segmentation and filtering analysis.

Note: Spotlight doesn’t show responses to open-ended questions.

Uses of a spotlight report

Advantages of a spotlight report

How to enable spotlight reports for your surveys

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on Spotlight Report.

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