SPSS export


What is SPSS?

SPSS is an IBM offered analytical software suite that researchers use to analyze complex research data. SPSS stands for Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences. SPSS helps researchers to conduct granular statistical analysis.

For advanced research, researchers can export survey data to SPSS with ease. The tool creates a '.SAV' file which a researcher can open in the SPSS tool.

Example of SPSS export

SPSS is used in cross-tabulation studies to understand the audience better. For example, a store asks the question, 'how do you like the shoes at our store?' Data is extracted to SPSS, and a cross-tabulation report is created with the respondent's gender and/or his/her age to get a better picture of choices and preferences.

Uses of SPSS export

Researchers need to look at survey data at a more granular level. To conduct in-depth research of a particular aspect, they can export the survey data to a '.SAV' format and then open it in the SPSS tool for further analysis.

Advantages of SPSS export

Here are the advantages of SPSS export:

How to use SPSS export?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on SPSS integration.

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