SPSS Export

Downloading the SPSS file

How do I export a .SAV file to use with SPSS?

To download a .sav, go to:

  1. Login » Surveys » Manage Data » Export >> Statistical Package Export
  2. Turn on the Include Open-Ended Text Data. By default, open-ended text data is not included in the report. Checking this box will include that data.
  3. Turn on the Display Question Code instead of Text if you want to Display Question Index Instead of Variable Name. By default, the question numbers appear as variables (var1, var2, etc.). Checking this box will replace var1 with Q1, var2 with Q2, etc.


The SPSS file download is not supported for multilingual text data. If you are conducting surveys in language(s) other than English, then please use the Excel option for downloading.


Note: For SPSS report the limit is set to 10,000 characters for a comment box question type, and 255 characters for other open ended question types.