Dropout analysis

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What is dropout analysis?

With the dropout analysis, you can dive into your drop-out rates (users not completing the survey). The dropout analysis takes a look at all the users who have not completed the survey and gives you a snapshot of where they “dropped out” – the last question they completed successfully.

Example of dropout analysis

For example, airline companies send customer experience surveys to flyers as soon as they deboard the plane. Generally, not everybody takes the survey, and those who do, drop out if the survey is lengthy. Airlines can dropout data to analyze the length of the survey, and also to make the questions more engaging to attract responses.

Uses of dropout analysis

Researchers and organizations need to gather maximum responses by keeping their respondents engaged. A well-designed survey keeps respondents from dropping out.

Respondents generally leave surveys midway because of the following:

All these factors can be analyzed and changes can be made to the survey to boost response rates.

Advantages of dropout analysis

Here are the advantages of using dropout analysis:

How to use dropout analysis in surveys?

Learn how to use this feature with our help file on dropout analysis.

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