Survey comparison


What is survey comparison in surveys?

To truly understand what your respondents feel, you may need to rephrase your questions or answer options. You can A/B test these questions and responses to get a deeper understanding of what your respondents are thinking. You can then compare these questions across different surveys and analyze the responses.

With this option, you can also compare different questions from different surveys to suit your research needs.

Example of survey comparison in surveys

A product company that does customer experience surveys can use this option to understand what customers feel about their product after new features and developments are added. Questions that inquire about customers' experiences, user-friendliness of the tools, efficiency, speed, etc., can be compared across two distinct surveys. One before the feature additions and one after developments were made and incorporated into. This will help them understand how effective, efficient, and well-received these additions were. The survey comparison option can come in handy to check performance-related questions when managers change their teams, restaurants undergo management changes, etc.


Uses of survey comparison

Survey comparisons come in handy to understand how your respondents' perspectives have changed for some aspects over time. This helps in making changes to your processes, operations, products, or services. Rather than comparing entire surveys, you can exercise this option to compare questions or aspects that are most important to your research.

Advantages of creating surveys with survey comparison

How to use survey comparison in surveys?

To use survey comparison in surveys, read our help files on how to set up survey comparison.

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