‘Maps’ survey question for online surveys


What is a map question?

A map question is an interactive choice-based question type that prompts respondents to select their location on a map. The map question enables the respondents to select the location on the map rather than choose a drop-down list of states/locations of a particular country.

It is similar to the regular single-select question type, except the answer options are visible on the map and the respondent has to only click on the applicable state or region. Respondents perceive this question type as relatively simpler to answer.

The survey can get very monotonous, but, adding a map question type can help break the monotony of the questionnaire. It completely increases the navigation and usefulness of the survey. Researchers can simply replace text options (names of states) with a map and better engage respondents and capture accurate responses. It becomes easy for the respondent to choose the state rather than scroll through all the answer options. This helps in gathering actionable survey results.

Uses of the map question

Researchers use the map question when they need to provide quick answer options to the respondents. The map question helps break the monotony and helps respondents answer questions more easily and comfortably.

Example of the map question

For example, a researcher in the US wants to capture the state where the respondent is based. Instead of listing down all the 50 states, it makes more sense to ask respondents to just choose the state on the map.


Advantages of the map question

The maps question is simply a single-select question, but with the advantage to use a map to capture the location of the respondent. Let’s look at the advantages:

How to use the map question?

Look at our help file on the maps question type to learn how to set up and use this survey feature.

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