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What is a TubePulse question?

TubePulse is an advanced question type used for dial testing in surveys. Dial testing is the real-time collection of feedback to questions and moment-to-moment experience to live or recorded content.

TubePulse questions in surveys enable you to engage the target audience in thoughtful and in-depth discussions to collect their feedback.

TubePulse lets you force respondents to listen to the audio file or watch the video for a specific time. It ensures respondents do not answer questions randomly without going through the content.

QuestionPro's dial testing software integrates into traditional web-based surveys. It allows you to dial test the respondents as we would in person, using a visual interface that allows true moment-to-moment dial ratings. Immediate real-time results from an advanced dial testing module will enable you to adapt the discussion on-the-fly and know what your respondents think.

TubePulse survey is also available with our mobile research platform, and data can be collected on all major smartphone devices in iOS and Android. However, YouTube videos are not supported on the app for the TubePulse question type.

Example of TubePulse question

If you ask people what they thought at a certain point in the past, they are most likely to tell the experience incompletely. It is because people tend to forget, and the intensity of experience reduces gradually. Also, other experiences and our day-to-day lives overwrite the recent ones in our memory. Hence, when you collect the data, the accuracy of the responses is compromised.

Viewers of an online web series can be asked questions in the mid of the show related to the content that just played. Survey software can log the responses, and viewers continue to rate the show to the end.

TubePulse question

Types of TubePulse question

TubePulse question in surveys

Market researchers use a dial testing survey to capture the in-moment experience. TubePulse question aid in collecting feedback soon after the experience so that the most accurate data is gathered.

QuestionPro offers the below options for TubePulse surveys.

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You can also customize rating scale or change its labels.

TubePulse survey question

Validation: Make sure the video plays for a specific duration

You can either request a response or force a response. In the case of later, you can set the time limit before which the respondent cannot move to the next question.

Data analysis of TubePulse question in surveys

You can view the survey analytics and TubePulse™ report as a spline chart. It represents the average sentiment of all respondents for each second of the video.

TubePulse dial testing

You can also print the chart in the following formats:

You can also apply data filters to data that matches specific criteria.

Uses of TubePulse question

Advantages of TubePulse question or dial testing surveys

How to add a TubePulse question in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the TubePulse video rating and TubePulse audio rating.

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