Unique password per respondent


What are the password-protected surveys?

The surveys that can be answered only after adding code or password are considered as password-protected surveys. Adding a password to your surveys ensures that they are available to only those respondents whom you have emailed or invited.

Configuring a unique password per respondent allows you to set up authentication for your survey. To view and answer the survey, respondents will be required to log in with their unique password. For more security, you can enable email address/password validation on the survey. Respondents will have to enter their email address along with the individual password to access the survey.

Example of a unique password for each respondent

You can embed a link to your survey in the invitation email. Consider email/password type of authentication is set on the survey. When the respondent clicks on the link, it will prompt to enter the credentials. The respondent will be able to log in only by using the correct email address and password.

unique password for each respondent

Uses of setting a unique password per respondent

In times when data breaches are rampant, it becomes imperative to put the security of the survey data on top priority. Setting a unique password for each respondent will restrict unsolicited access and secure your surveys. It also helps when you embed an anonymous link in the email and want to restrict who can answer the survey. Configuring a password for each respondent will help you to gather responses only from your target audience.

Types of password protected surveys

Survey authentication allows you to control who can see and respond to your surveys. QuestionPro offers multiple types of authentication methods to choose from. You can select one of them depending on the level of security you need.

Advantages of using a unique password for survey protection

How to set up a unique password per respondent for your surveys

Check out our types of authentication help document for a better understanding of how it works.

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