Upload file survey question


What is an upload file survey question?

There could be surveys or questions in online surveys where respondents may feel the need to upload some documents or support files. This option comes in handy when they feel the need to exercise that option.

It is a simple option within the platform; you select the file that needs uploading, check the format, and size limit and simply hit the ‘upload’ button. The file will get uploaded to the server, and the organizers will be able to access the file/s.


Uses of upload file question in a survey

In cases of market research or long and detailed surveys, there’s a lot of information involved. This could be from one source or multiple sources. In such cases, you may need to upload additional data or support documents with the survey. The file upload question type helps you upload multiple files such as pictures, documents, or any other files. Editing the question is extremely easy and convenient.

Examples of an upload file question in a survey

Consider you filed for car insurance; you damaged your car bumper a bit while backing up. The insurance company wants to know some details before they process your request. They have sent out a questionnaire that you need to fill. After getting the details, they need you to upload a picture of the car to assess the damage caused. Just add a question and select the upload file question type. You can use the upload question to simply upload an image that shows the damaged part or area. This not only saves time but gives detailed and additional information that traditional questionnaires may miss. Survey organizers can download the files and you have all the data you need.


Advantages of upload file question

While there are many advantages to upload file questions, some important ones are:

How to set up upload file questions in a survey?

Learn how to use the upload file question with our help document on the upload file survey question.

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