Google Analytics Integration

How can I set up integration with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the web analytics solution that gives you insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for the combined purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. By setting up Google Analytics with your survey, you can take advantage of web analytics information for the survey. This can be helpful especially if the survey is a contact form or a feedback survey.

To set up Google Analytics Integration Go To:

Login » Surveys » Integration » Web Analytics » Google Analytics Integration


Which variables are available under Field Mapping?


For information on Field Mapping / Google Analytics Custom Variable Tracking please visit:

What is Google Analytics Account # (web property ID or UA number)?

In Google Analytics, a web property is the cumulative set of pages on which a particular tracking code is installed. In the Analytics tracking code, the web property for a profile has a unique ID, which is a combination of the account ID and additional digits.

This web property ID links a web property to one or more profiles in an Analytics account. The ID can be found in the administrative section of the Analytics UI.

  • Sign in to your Analytics account
  • the X's (UA-XXXXX-YY) represent your account number
  • the Y's (UA-XXXXXX-YY) represent profile numbers within your account.


The complete string (UA-XXXXX-YY) is referred to interchangeably as your web property ID or UA number.

Enable debugging - How to?

To enable debugging select the check box for: Enable Debugging - Will Display Debug Info on Thank You Page.


On the Thank You page you will see the Debug information.

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