Webhooks integration with surveys


What is webhooks integration with surveys?

A webhook lets you augment or alter the behavior of a web application via custom callbacks. These custom callbacks may be subject to maintenance, modification, and management by developers and third-party users and may not be necessarily affiliated with the originating app.

QuestionPro supports incoming as well as outgoing webhooks. You can invoke webhooks before the beginning of a survey, during, or after a survey is completed. Incoming webhooks fetch data from external sources into your survey, and outgoing ones send survey data to external sources.

Example of webhooks integration with surveys

Consider a large enterprise that has more than ten thousand employees currently. It is performance appraisal time, and the organization wants to do a 36-degree evaluation of all employees. You can do that by sending out performance evaluation surveys to their colleagues, managers, and subordinates. The response time will vary for all of them and will take a long time for an organization of that size. You can map out your work in phases. You can set up a webhook integration to map out your evaluation process. Whenever your recipients finish their surveys, they can move a step ahead in the process. This data can be relayed from your software tool or platform to your CRM. You do not have to check on completed surveys now, and then, you will be notified every time a survey is finished. You can customize this process to meet goals that are suitable and relevant to your process.


Uses of webhooks integrations with surveys

Using webhooks, you can set up triggers and action alerts that are relevant and critical to your processes. This can be set up for service requests, lead forms, customer queries, etc. This helps inform you and your team instantaneously.

Advantages of creating surveys with webhooks integrations

How to use webhooks integrations in surveys

To use webhook integrations in surveys, read our help files on how to set up webhook integrations.

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