Using the web intercept survey feature with QuestionPro

Embedding a survey on your a website is a smart way of collecting feedback in real-time. Visitors can answer the survey without leaving your website.

How can I embed a survey on my website?

Go to: My Surveys (Select Survey) » Distribue

Click on the Embed option under Distribute.

Here, copy the code for embedding the survey.
Survey Software Help Image

Paste this code on your website to embed this survey.

You will reqire access to your website CMS. If you don't have access, please give this code to your website admin/manager and they will know how to embed this code.
Upload Question type is not supported for a survey embedded into a website.

Will my respondents be tracked if I use website embed?

Embed code uses a generic link for the survey and by default, responses are not tracked. If you wish to collect personal information like name, email address, you can add these fields to the survey. If your site visitors log in to your website or blog, you can pass in their information via custom variables. For more information, please visit the link below.