Embed report in website


What is embed report in website in surveys?

Using the embed option, you can embed your online surveys on your website. The survey gets displayed on your website, and the visitors can answer questions in real-time without exiting the website. You can target more respondents by embedding your surveys on websites.

Example of embed report in website in surveys

Consider an email marketing platform that pushes out a lot of content talks about email marketing best practices, templates, etc. They have a steady number of users and visitors that visit the website for the latest blogs and case studies. The email marketing platform must be conducting online surveys to know more about their customers and how their experience can be enriched further. Many users may not be answering their questionnaires for various reasons; they forgot, were on leave, in a meeting, etc. If they were to embed the survey on their website, visitors could take those surveys as per their convenience. This will help garner more responses and use data to improve their product and customer experience (CX).


Uses of embed report in website

Embedding surveys on your website increases your online surveys' reach and the amount of data you would receive from your respondents. They are also convenient to integrate into your webpages and for visitors to respond to.

Advantages of creating surveys with embed report in website

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