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Conduct Market Research & Analytics

Get better insight on which of your products and services your customers want you to focus on, without the extraneous effort that market research requires. QuestionPro is a leading top market research software designed to effortlessly create and analyze surveys and questionnaires with the click of a button.

Advanced Market Research Engine

QuestionPro provides the most comprehensive market research software with both quantitative and qualitative research options under one platform and consolidates your research data into an extensive research repository. Create, send, and analyze survey insights or create qualitative research communities — all in the same survey software.

Data-Driven Analytics and Insights

Market research and data analysis work in harmony; there’s no point in collecting data if the data isn’t put to use. We’ve designed our market research software to incorporate real-time analysis reports with advanced data analytics such as Conjoint Analysis, TURF Analysis, GAP Analysis, Trend Analysis, and more. Segmentation, subsets, location, and drop-out rates are also advanced analytics that are offered under QuestionPro’s unified data analysis dashboard.

22 Million Worldwide Panelists

Our global sample of respondents and free online communities work side by side to quickly collect actionable insights and analyze your survey results, anytime and anywhere. QuestionPro’s communities are great for businesses looking to engage their online community, conduct polls or start discussions, and collect insights and real-time analytics. This free market research software is also capable of growing customer bases, creating a member portal, and offers one-click sharing to a variety of different social media platforms (including LinkedIn).

Drag & Drop Survey Questions

From simple to advanced, we have all the question types you need. Collect insightful survey responses to create a successful market research study. Access a library of over 80 ready made question types, in over 108 languages, that include multimedia like image and video type questions. Use advanced branching and skip logic to make your market research relevant for each respondent. Drag and Drop Rank Order question types offer you the ability to review reports for individual responses, question statistics, and also a summary report that tracks the effectiveness of your surveys.

Mobile Data Collection

Fully compatible with all devices and mobile operating systems including iPad, iPhone, and Android — even when offline. Our market research software utilizes mobile ready surveys for survey data collection across mobile platforms and a mobile app that allows researchers to look at analytics from anywhere. Any data collected from mobile offline surveys is stored on your iOS or Android device, then synced with your QuestionPro account the next time your device has online connectivity. Easily conduct surveys and questionnaires on the go — all you need is the QuestionPro App.

300+ Ready Made Questionnaires

Use any of our free 300+ ready made questionnaires, created by industry leaders in various domains such as industry surveys, customer surveys, marketing surveys, and academic evaluation surveys to get you the best results. Ideal for those that don’t want to create a survey from scratch.

QuestionPro Communities

Recruit, engage, collect insights, and provide rewards to your online community. Manage the community to collect insights from real-time analytics. Get the most out of our market research software by using the real-time research to increase your bottom line.

QuestionPro Audience

QuestionPro has a wide array of panels and samples, consisting of over 22 million highly qualified pre-screened respondents. Get full turnkey sample solutions including complete fieldwork management, panel balancing, and incentive management — everything geared toward getting you high quality survey responses, no matter how rigorous your demands are.

Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

We offer a full suite of reporting and analysis tools that quickly turn data into insights: segmentation, cross tabulation, and text analysis in the form of extensive dashboards. Convert real-time market research reports and dashboards into visual infographics. Also, our market research software has the ability to export your survey report in Excel, SPSS, txt, Dropbox, and Google Drive formats.

Enterprise Ready Software

Our enterprise and business software tools run off enhanced enterprise grade servers to get you the best survey delivery and data collection. Available with multiple user accounts and the ability to assign role-based access across entire organizations. Measure real-time data across the globe with loads of added functionality, thanks to advanced javascript and single-sign on (SSO).

24*7 Global Support

No matter where on the globe you’re located, we offer no-pause customer support: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are accessible in real-time over live chat, email, and phone.

Audience for Optimum Market Research

Track the behavior of your respondents and customers based on market and demographic segmentation with QuestionPro audience. Spanning 32 countries with 300+ profile data points and 22 million panelists, our audience samples help you build a strong base for market research. More than just a simple survey, our research gives you a full 360-degree review of high quality and reliable insight.

Powerful Analytics Dashboards

Statistics, and summaries, and infographics galore! Our market research software collects real-time survey data and analytics reports, including participant statistics, demographic information, etc. Export and share your market research data via MS excel reports, raw data, and SPSS. Create reports with multi-level filtering, viewable with role-based access. Gain multiple reports in the form of correlation, conjoint, maxdiff, text, and heatmap analysis.

Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your QuestionPro data into your existing CRM platform, whether that’s Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, Tableau, Caspio, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Mailchimp, PowerBI, and many more with a host of powerful integrations! These integrations utilize webhooks and APIs for a smooth back-end integration to make your market research effortless.

Software Data Security

Data security is our highest priority. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified, and fully GDPR compliant. Our survey data collection and protection are SSL standard, with SSO available. We’re additionally section 508 and FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts) compliant.

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