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QuestionPro Nonprofit Waiver Program

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The Nonprofit Waiver Program offers registered nonprofit organizations access to QuestionPro for data-collection and analytics. Organizations participating in the program are provided free access to QuestionPro Survey Software for as long as they need.
To gain access to this program the following requirements must be met:
  • Links from your organization's Home Page (Eg. to QuestionPro.
  • Citation and acknowledgement in the research reports to QuestionPro as technology provider.
  • This program is only available to new customers.

The South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants has been extremely pleased with QuestionPro's service! QuestionPro's nonprofit waiver has allowed us to u se their program at no cost, which has been a great advantage for us. The system is extremely easy to use. We would encourage any and all nonprofit organizations to take advantage of what QuestionPro has to offer.

Jennifer Stone Simmons
Communications and Technology Director
Special Notes
  • The links from your Home Page must be active and visible for the entire duration of the license
  • If the links are removed, the license will be terminated automatically
  • If the license is terminated due to non-compliance with the Nonprofit terms, it will NOT be reinstated.
What QuestionPro provides
  • 1 Free Account (Discounted Corporate License) - Currently @ $99/Month
  • Annual Term
  • Unlimited Surveys and Questions
Getting Started
To get started with the Nonprofit Waiver Program:
  1. Register and create an account with QuestionPro (Free 30 Day Trial)
  2. Add a link to QuestionPro to your Website Home Page (Do not modify)
  3. After adding the link to QuestionPro, fill out the request form below.
    • The System will verify that the link you have placed on your site matches our requirement
    • After verification, your account will be upgraded to the Nonprofit Waiver License - Immediately
  4. If you are a US based Nonprofit, please click here to signup. Learn more : QuestionPro - TechSoup partnership. For more information & assistance please contact: [email protected]