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Collect Feedback and Bridge a Critical Gap with CRM's by Adding Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Enabling Sales and Customer Success to Send out Surveys to Leads in their CRM

  • Survey Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Collecting Customer Feedback
  • Webhooks
  • Dynamic Surveys
  • And much more!

AKA Enterprise Solutions wanted to send out surveys to leads in their CRM to collect feedback during the different stages in their sales process.

Webhooks is a lightweight HTTP pattern which will be used for connecting Question API with Microsoft Dynamics. A Webhook will notify the QuestionPro API about events such as creation of a lead or manual triggers with some information about the events.

The user can choose when to invoke a webhook - manually or based on a CRM Dynamics event. The webhook will send information from CRM Dynamics to QuestionPro. QuestionPro will process this information and send out a survey invite to the respective lead At the end of the survey, the collected data will be sent back to CRM Dynamics and update for the specific lead.

Dynamic Surveys
The survey will be personalized as per data received from the webhook. QuestionPro fetched relevant information for Sutter’s patients from their Electronic Patient Healthcare Information system. With this information QuestionPro can render personalized and relevant surveys.

QuestionPro and Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrate to help users collect feedback from customers in their CRM and update the collected data in Microsoft Dynamics.

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