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Seamless On Demand Feedback™

Use Case
Seamless On Demand Feedback is commonly used for collecting feedback about different pages of a website. Each page has content/information that should be easily comprehendible to the user. As an administrator, you would like to collect data (or rather meta-data) from users about the usefulness/relevance of the content and their opinion about how the content can be improved.

Please click on the Rate This Tool link below. Your feedback will be recorded in real-time and you will not be taken to a different page. You will notice there is no popup or any other process that may disturb or distract you away from this page.

Automatic Location Awareness
The location of the page (URL) and the title are automatically captured along with the users feedback. Location Awareness is critical as any feedback collected without Location Awareness is useless.
Integration with Decision Support System
Automatically send emails to administrators based on response to the feedback survey. Please see Decision Support System - How To for more information.
Integrates seamlessly with webpages
The feedback form looks as if it is part of the webpage itself.
No popup
Popup's are usually distracting and can lead to a poor user experience.
In-Line Submission
The feedback form is submitted in-line. The user is not redirected to another page. The content remains as is.

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