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350+ Free survey templates

Choose from over 350 expert-designed survey templates and get started with your first survey in just a couple of clicks. The free version of our survey tool allows you to access all of these sample survey templates.
free survey templates

Simple and advanced survey questions

Our survey software enables you to choose from 40+ survey question types ranging from net promoter score questions for efficient customer satisfaction surveys to advanced multiple-choice and logic-based research questions.
survey question types

Custom survey themes

Choose from a variety of professionally designed survey themes and add your very own custom themes using a color picker or a hex code.
survey theme

Survey distribution made easy

Start collected survey feedback by easily sending out engaging, mobile-friendly surveys via emails, text messages, website embeds or simply sharing it on social media.
survey distribution

Survey data analysis

Our free survey maker helps you analyze survey responses with ease using our real-time reports dashboard enables you to view survey results and export data.
survey data analysis

Essential features of our survey creator

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