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QuestionPro’s free survey generator allows you to create unique and flawless survey questions that are sure to get a higher response rate. Drive your business forward with our survey generator to collect quality data and meaningful insights.

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Create, distribute, and analyze questionnaires using an advanced survey generator. QuestionPro survey software offers versatile question types, smart logic, customizable templates, real-time reports, and cost-efficiency. Accelerate your business growth easily by conducting surveys of potential and existing customers. Collect opinions to measure brand awareness, conduct market research, and much more with our survey creation tools.

Drag and drop interface


QuestionPro’s drag-and-drop interface enables you to create professional-looking surveys. Use branding features to customize your surveys with logos, fonts, headers, and footers to match your brand voice. See changes as soon as you make them with our intuitive and easy survey creation tools. Unlike other survey software programs, QuestionPro doesn’t require advanced knowledge of survey creation code. Plus, it’s easy to customize pre-designed templates and enhance the visual appeal of your online survey.

Mobile compatibility


Almost everyone carries a mobile device with them at all times. Organizations like yours can use this to your advantage when collecting survey data. Take advantage of new opportunities to collect respondents’ answers to your questionnaires with mobile-compatible surveys to generate survey results. All of our surveys are mobile responsive and optimized for search engines to make the most of your landing pages and survey response pages.

Survey generator features

Free Online Templates

Question types

Question types play an important role in structuring the questionnaire for optimal respondent participation and accurate answers. Apart from Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) type of questions, QuestionPro has 15 most common types of questions. We also offer users advanced question types to help you get the exact data you need from survey participants. Our advanced type question library provides 11 types of questions, including dynamic lookup tables, reference data (e.g. zip, area code), side-by-side matrix tables, and more.


Design and Branding

Your brand is more than a cool logo. Branding helps both potential and existing customers recognize your business and the perceptions that go along with it. Customized surveys need to be a cohesive combination of design, language, questions, and appearance to fit within your brand guidelines and continue promoting your look and feel. Together these elements influence the audience to engage and respond to your online survey questionnaire. QuestionPro gives you ample opportunities to design and brand your survey to maintain the uniqueness of your brand identity.

Smart Poll Logic Branching


Your business uses a multitude of third-party software to run smoothly. From sales software to email marketing programs, you need to know that these software components can share data easily. If you are using third-party tools like Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Sugar CRM, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Marketo, and more, you can easily integrate all these tools with your QuestionPro surveys. The collected data helps you research and improve customer experience, as well as measure the performance of your support team.

Robust Poll Reporting and Analysis

Downloadable reports

The ability to analyze survey data is one of the most important factors when choosing a survey tool for your business. You need to be able to quickly and easily examine data points and respondent insights to make informed decisions in your business. With the QuestionPro survey platform, you can export survey data to Excel files for further analysis and presentation. In addition, you can export data to SPSS, Charts and Graphs, PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, Google Docs, and raw CSV. QuestionPro’s online survey maker supports the migration of survey and respondent data so you can retain data from other survey platforms.


SSL secured surveys

All surveys created using QuestionPro are secured using https/SSL by default. The SSL security of the surveys ensures the privacy of respondents as data is transferred over an encrypted connection. All survey software users are encouraged to enable SSL security in their surveys, ensuring data transfer is completely safe and secure. SSL allows you to securely transfer your survey data between teams over the internet.



Make survey distribution simple and quick with QuestionPro's free online survey tool. Distribute your questionnaire on your website as a link, pop-up, or as an embedded survey. You can upload and modify your email lists to distribute the survey link via email as well. You can also send survey invitations through SMS, QR codes, and social media channels to reach targeted respondents quickly. All these methods are aimed to increase the response rate and decrease the drop rate of the surveys created with our free survey generator.


Advanced question logic

Advanced question logic is one of the most diligent ways to enhance the flow and structure of your survey questionnaire. Use it to customize surveys and make them relevant to the respondents. Using a range of logic criteria, you can decide whether a specific response will take respondents to the end of the questionnaire or to the next question you want them to view. Advanced logic also allows you to show or hide a specific question from respondents based on their answers. You can create online quizzes using the advanced question logic.


Dedicated account manager

To provide you with exceptional customer experience, QuestionPro provides a dedicated account manager to qualified license holders. A dedicated manager will respond to you promptly to resolve your queries with their experience, skills, and product knowledge and expertise. Take advantage of regular and constant contact even if the manager is out of the office with our 24/7 customer support channels. Experience how we build relationships not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.

Safety and privacy

QuestionPro has a comprehensive data privacy policy ensuring complete transparency in explaining how we handle your data. We let you know exactly how we use data, who is the owner, and how long we retain it. We host your data at highly rated data centers to ensure that all safety standards comply, along with a standard that ensures 24/7 availability, redundancy, and operational sustainability. Additionally, all surveys created using our survey generator online are GDPR compliant and also comply with all standard and federal data protection and privacy laws.

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Data quality check

When you are using online surveys to collect data, there are high chances of facing roadblocks. Duplicate records, incomplete responses, similar responses by a single person, inaccurate information, and foggy data will impact your survey analysis and results. Our Data Quality Tool will help you merge duplicates and convert records, update records in bulk, and remove unnecessary, stale records to maintain high data quality. You can then segregate bad data to get only good-quality data so that your results and analysis are accurate and reliable.

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Round-the-clock support

Almost every survey generator platform provides customer support, but QuestionPro takes customer service to the next level with round-the-clock customer support. With global support capabilities, any user can contact our experienced and friendly support team at any time, from anywhere. You can Skype, email, call or chat with our survey experts to create, distribute, analyze, or understand the different features and functionalities of our product. No matter what you need, our support team is ready to jump into action to help you.

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