Business to Business Demographics Survey Template

Business to Business Demographics Survey Template by QuestionPro offers questions to collect information about the business. This is a customizable questionnaire with sample questions to gather details. For example, questions such as "Where is your organization located?" and "How many people work with your organization?"

What is the primary industry or line of business at this location? That is, what is the principal product or service at this location?
Does (Company Name) have more than one location in the United States?
If you answered yes, what is the approximate total number of employees (Company Name) has at all the locations in the United States?
What is the total number of permanent employees in your company at this mailing address?

B2B Surveys

Client Evaluation of Company Services Survey Questions

17 questions

Client Evaluation of Company Services Survey questions by QuestionPro offers questions on customer service and meeting the company needs. This is a questionnaire can be customized as per your need, which includes question samples that revolve around a project that the organization is working on in collaboration with a client. The client is expected to voluntarily rate the way the project is executed. For example, an organization can ask the client to rate factors such as how efficient is the account manager, satisfaction levels with the delivered results and the worthiness of the quality of results.

Following are the questions to gather feedback from the client regarding customer service provided during the project.

B2B Surveys

Supplier Service Evaluation Survey Template

40 questions

Supplier Service Evaluation Survey Questions and sample questionnaire template to evaluate the quality of service provided by vendors. This vendor evaluation / supplier survey questionnaire covers some critical metrics such as the support and time bound delivery of products, responsiveness to communication, back order fulfillments, logistics etc. Use this free survey template and effectively evalute your suppliers and vendors.

B2B Surveys

Business to Business Demographics (Short)

4 questions

Firm industry and size (4 questions)