Top 20 Company Communication Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Company communication survey template and sample questionnaire helps you evaluate how fair, transparent, effective, and frequent communications within your company or organization are. Business may break down in the absence of effective and transparent employee communications. Many organizations fail to realize this and are guilty of not having a dialogue with their employees. Employees should feel free to and be able to voice their ideas, opinions, and concerns. How are things in your organization, and when was the last time you conducted an employee communication survey? Don't wait any longer and use this workplace communication survey template to find out today!

Considering your complete experience regarding effective communication within the organization, how likely would you be to recommend this organization to a friend or colleague?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
What do you feel about the following statements? Please choose the most appropriate options. 

Questions Based on Overall Communication.
Extremely Dissatisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Extremely Satisfied
I am kept well informed about my work group's plans and progress.
I am kept well informed about company plans and progress.

There are opportunities available to me to express my ideas to upper management.

There is good communication in my group.
There is good communication between people in different areas of the company.

I am kept well informed by upper management on what's going on in the company.

Considering everything, how satisfied are you with the amount of quality of communications in the company?

State your level of agreement with the below statements
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
My organization provides a communication channel that employees can use to convey their feedback
This channel is frequently monitored and we get confirmation of submission
What do you feel about the following statements? Please choose the most appropriate options. 

Questions Based on Communication with Manager and Top Level Management
Extremely Dissatisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Extremely Satisfied
The information I receive on a daily basis only comes from my manager.

My ideas can be directly communicated to the top level management.

I can share my ideas with my manager without any hesitation.

There is an open door policy for communication in this organization.

The organization frequently conducts "town-hall" meeting to share information.

In most situations I receive appropriate information to perform my tasks well.

I rarely receive unreliable information from my manager.

What do you feel about the following statements? Please choose the most appropriate options. 

Questions Based on Communication Within Teams
Extremely Dissatisfied 
Somewhat Dissatisfied 
Somewhat Satisfied 
Extremely Satisfied 
My colleagues and I readily share information that is critical to our success.

There is absolute transparency in sharing information between various departments in the organization.

The group meetings are informative and worth the time spent.

We receive monthly newsletter with company updates.

There hasn't been an incidence of miscommunication within the team.

Top 5 reasons to use this company communications survey template

While it is important that communication flows both ways in an organization, having a good strategy in place is paramount to success. Let us look at the advantages of using this company communication survey questionnaire below.

1) Employees see the big picture
Employees get to know where the company is headed, what steps are being taken to reach new milestones, and what innovations are underway for maximum success. They also feel valued, heard, and a reliable member of the team.

2) Employees get more productive
Knowing about a clear goal and strategy always helps employees get more productive. They can work and formulate ideas around that plan. This translates into better productivity, teamwork, morale, and engagement.

3) Informed leaders
Communication should not ever be one way. You should always listen to your employees, give them a channel to voice their opinions and concerns. This gives leaders a better idea about their employees, teams, and peers and finding ways to support, engage, and motivate them.

4) Improved engagement and productivity
An organization where communication is free, fair, and transparent is more likely to succeed and have higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Engaged employees contribute significantly to an organization's success.

5) Improved employee experience
Company communication is a continuous process that requires attention and efforts. Honest and open communication has to flow from management to employees, from managers to subordinates, team members to managers, etc. This is key to ensure that your employee experience is good and positive across all levels of your organization and employee cycle.

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