Computer security survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Computer/Cyber Security Survey Template

Who is responsible for installing and maintaining security software on the office computer?
Which version of Windows is installed on the computer that you normally use to connect to the Internet?
Is Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed on your computer?
Which web browser do you normally use?
How often do you use Windows Update?
Do you have anti-virus software installed on your computer?
Did you pay for your anti-virus software or is it a free version?
Which anti-virus software do you use?
How often do you update your anti-virus software?
How often do you perform a full system anti-virus scan?
Do you have anti-spyware software installed on your computer?
Which anti-spyware software do you use?
Do you have a paid-for or free version of the anti-spyware?
How often do you update the anti-spyware?
How often do you perform a full system scan using the anti-spyware?
Do you use a firewall software on your computer?
Did you pay for the firewall software or is it a free version?

Hardware / Software Surveys

Hardware Product Evaluation Survey Template

19 questions

Improving hardware product features to meet customer requirements can often be expensive which makes it a critical decision making aspect for the product owner. If an organized data-oriented approach is adapted to understand customer needs and expectations, it becomes easy to make decisions about updated hardware product features. Apart from money and research, there are two more important factors which go into purchasing a hardware product: effort and time. Hardware product evaluation survey template sample offers you the right questions to obtain insightful information from customers about brand reliability, installation procedure, value of money and other such hardware product feature and pricing expectations. You can customize this sample questionnaire template according to the industry of the hardware product so that you cater to your target audience.

Hardware / Software Surveys

Software Evaluation Survey Template

14 questions

15 Software Product Evaluation Survey questions with sample questionnaire template to evaluate the importance of various attributes for a software product. This software evaluation template can be used by software product researcher intending to understand the factors that contribute towards the success of a product, can edit this sample and include questions and examples pertaining to his/her software product type.

Hardware / Software Surveys

Pre-Installation Survey Template

20 questions

A company puts in a considerable amount of time into conducting research about the products/services. You as a service provider, must understand the importance of various factors such as website information quality, training about the product networks, pre-engineering consultation, and other such factors which can be done using a survey template. QuestionPro offers a sample survey that includes questions revolving around all pre-installation aspects that have different priorities for the customers, for example - technical support, round the clock on-call assistance, involvement of a third-party for installation etc. If an organization uses this survey example to understand pre-installation preferences, it becomes easier for them to cater to customer demands and in turn help in converting these prospective companies into loyal buyers.