Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template

Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template comprises of various questions related to the financial aspects of every consumer. This QuestionPro questionnaire sample consists of all questions which can help in gathering insights about factors that govern financial decisions, finance damage control actions etc. For example, "What’s your family’s monthly income?"

What is your gender?
Which type of geographical area do you reside?
What is your marital status?
What’s your family’s monthly income?
How many children (under the age of 18) live in your family?
How many adults (above the age of 18) live in your family?
In your household, who is incharge of making financial decisions?
How often does your family maintain financial records?
Some people feel their income doesn’t match their expenses. In the past year, has that happened to you as well?
In case you and your family have some money saved before you are paid next, what would you prefer?
What are the chances of you and your family running out of finances before you are paid next?
What is your usual plan of action when you and your family start running out of finances?
In the last 2 years, have you or your family members faced circumstances where there was a sudden decrease in income by multifold?
In the last 2 years, how often have you borrowed money to repay other debts?
Please share whether you or any of your family members currently have any debts?

B2B Surveys

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Client Evaluation of Company Services Survey questions by QuestionPro offers questions on customer service and meeting the company needs. This is a questionnaire can be customized as per your need, which includes question samples that revolve around a project that the organization is working on in collaboration with a client. The client is expected to voluntarily rate the way the project is executed. For example, an organization can ask the client to rate factors such as how efficient is the account manager, satisfaction levels with the delivered results and the worthiness of the quality of results.

Following are the questions to gather feedback from the client regarding customer service provided during the project.

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Supplier Service Evaluation Survey Questions and sample questionnaire template to evaluate the quality of service provided by vendors. This vendor evaluation / supplier survey questionnaire covers some critical metrics such as the support and time bound delivery of products, responsiveness to communication, back order fulfillments, logistics etc. Use this free survey template and effectively evalute your suppliers and vendors.

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