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Employee Meeting Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Meeting survey questions allow you to collect feedback from attendees in a systematic and organized manner.

These questions address a variety of meeting topics, including the agenda, substance, structure, participant engagement, and overall satisfaction. Using these questions, organizations can gain a better understanding of how employees perceive their meetings and take the necessary steps to improve meeting quality.

What are Meeting Survey Questions?

Meeting survey questions are designed to collect meeting attendees' opinions and experiences.

This sample survey template consists of questions to measure the effectiveness of the meeting and to evaluate if the topic was clear and the agenda of the meeting was covered or not. Experts design this questionnaire, and it can be customized to suit the needs of an organization.

The point of conducting a meeting survey is to get relevant information to make informed decisions regarding strategies and help you manage the overall organization. Conducting a meeting survey is important for developing new ideas and reporting significant events.

How to create a meeting survey template?

Creating a meeting survey template can assist you in gathering feedback from participants on your meetings' effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement. We provide a sample meeting survey template below that you may use to design your own.

1. Please select the most appropriate response:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
All members were informed well in advance of the time and location
There was a defined agenda for the meeting
The meeting room was set-up well
The meeting started on time
The duration of the meeting was just right
All points from the agenda were covered in the meeting
The purpose of the meeting was made clear
One person had the floor at all times
All resources were used optimally
Next meeting agenda was announced in this meeting
2. Please tell us how helpful was the meeting?
Please tell us how often would you like to meet?
4. Please share any additional topics that you would like to discuss in the meeting?
5. Please leave any suggestions you might have to improve the meeting.

Types of meeting survey

There are several types of meeting surveys that organizations can use to gather negative feedback or positive feedback from meeting attendees. Some of the most common types of meeting surveys include

  • Pre-meeting survey:

    Pre-meeting surveys gather attendees' expectations, goals, and preferences. It helps meeting organizers satisfy attendance demands.

  • Post event surveys:

    Post event surveys ask attendees about their experience. It includes post meeting survey questions that can assist organizers in analyzing meeting effectiveness, attendee satisfaction, and opportunities for growth. Post event survey questions are a great way to get attendees' effort. By asking post-meeting survey questions, you can learn about attendees' experiences and find ways to improve future events.

  • Event evaluation survey:

    After a series of meetings or events, this survey collects meeting feedback. It can help organizers evaluate the event and enhance future events.

  • Session evaluation survey:

    This survey is given after each meeting session or presentation to get insightful feedback. It can help organizers evaluate and enhance each session.

Effective meeting management tips

Effective meeting management is essential for ensuring productive and efficient meetings. Here are some tips to help you manage your meetings effectively:

  • Set clear objectives:

    Before the meeting, list your goals. It will help you focus and keep the meeting on track.

  • Prepare meeting agenda:

    Successful meetings start with a well-prepared meeting agenda. It should list topics, time, and desired goals.

  • Start and end on time:

    Starting and ending on time values attendees' time and keeps the conference on track.

  • Follow up:

    Follow up on action items following the meeting to ensure completion and meeting results.

How meeting effectiveness survey questions improve managers?

Meeting effectiveness survey questions can help managers evaluate their meetings and suggest areas for improvement. Managers can benefit from meeting effectiveness survey questions:

  • Identify areas for improvement:

    Meeting effectiveness survey questions can assist managers in improving meeting facilitation, topic, logistics, and attendance. Changes based on these comments can enhance future meetings.

  • Measure meeting effectiveness:

    Managers can track meeting effectiveness via meeting effectiveness survey questions.

  • Improve communication:

    Managers can guarantee that meeting attendees understand the objective and goals by changing their communication style or substance.

Why ask post-meeting survey questions?

Post event survey is essential for gathering meeting attendees' feedback. Post event survey questions may be useful for the following reasons:

  • Evaluate meeting effectiveness:

    Post event survey helps you assess how successfully the meeting met its goals, how entertaining and informative it was, and whether attendees felt it helpful.

  • Identify areas for improvement:

    You can improve future meetings by asking survey questions on the agenda, facilitator, or technology.

  • Gain insights into attendee needs:

    Post-meeting survey questions can also assist you in determining meeting attendees' interests, format, and logistical needs.


Meeting survey questions are a useful tool for getting feedback and ideas from attendees. By including meeting survey questions in your planning process, you can guarantee that your meetings are productive, interesting, and satisfy the needs of your attendees.

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