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Employee motivation assessment questionnaire and survey template

Employee motivation assessment survey questions and sample questionnaire template helps in understanding how motivated your workforce is. Employee motivation may not be visible or come out in team and one-on-one meetings. Conducting anonymous surveys helps in knowing their concerns and understand ways to improve staff motivation. The sample questionnaire will provide you with data and points that will help revamp your people processes. Staff motivation is crucial to employee engagement, which directly impacts employee job security, workforce productivity, morale, and satisfaction.

Based on your overall experience with the organization, on a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend the organization to your family and friends?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Kindly state your level of agreement with regards to the below questions about your role
Kindly pick one as applicable to indicate your satisfaction
How satisfied are you with the organization's environment and infrastructure
Does your company offer a channel or medium to openly and freely communicate your concerns, suggestions, and ideas?
Kindly rate the compensation and benefits provided by your organization
Do you trust your executive team to make the appropriate business/growth decisions?
Do you think you are supervised too much, too little or supervised just the right amount?
When it comes to your organization, how would you rate the employee experience?
How often are your suggestions at work taken seriously by your co-workers?