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Employee Safety Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Employee safety survey questions help companies analyze workplace safety and well-being. These surveys ask employees about potential hazards and safety attitudes.

Organizations can enhance their safety culture, prevent accidents and injuries, and comply with safety rules by reviewing survey data. Thus, Employee Safety Survey Questions can promote workplace safety, health, and productivity.

What is an employee safety survey?

An employee safety survey is a tool that organizations use to collect feedback from employees on various elements of workplace safety. This survey assesses employees' safety attitudes and identifies potential hazards, risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Employee safety surveys can assess workplace safety issues such as air quality, ergonomics, and equipment and facility conditions. Security, disaster readiness, and staff education are other topics.

Importance of employee safety survey

Organizations use employee safety surveys to ensure employee safety and well-being. Here are some reasons why an employee safety survey is crucial.

  • Identify possible safety hazards:

    Organizations can discover possible hazards and risks in the workplace by collecting feedback from employees via safety surveys. This data can then be utilized to take corrective action and make modifications to avoid accidents and injuries.

  • Increase employee engagement:

    Employee engagement and morale can rise when they believe your company cares about their safety. Safety surveys reveal that the company cares about its employees.

  • Improve safety and workplace safety:

    Positive safety culture can influence organizational culture. Organizations may build trust, respect, and accountability by protecting employees.

  • Compliance with regulations:

    Many industries are subject to strict safety regulations and standards. Conducting employee safety surveys can help ensure compliance with these regulations and help organizations avoid penalties and fines.

Types of Employee Safety Survey

Organizations can evaluate these typical types and enhance workplace safety via different employee safety surveys. The types of these surveys are given below:

  • Hazard identification survey:

    This survey identifies workplace hazards, including chemicals, machines, and physical hazards.

  • Employee safety perception surveys:

    An employee safety perception survey is a form of survey used by companies to get employee input on workplace safety. This type of survey helps businesses improve their safety culture and prevent workplace injuries and accidents by identifying potential hazards and risks and employee safety perceptions and attitudes.

  • Safety climate survey:

    Similar to a Safety Perception Survey, a Safety Climate Survey evaluates the organization's safety culture, including leadership commitment, communication, and employee participation.

  • Safety training survey:

    This survey evaluates employees' knowledge of safety policies and procedures, as well as their level of engagement and participation in safety education and training programs.

  • Injury and illness reporting survey:

    This survey is intended to collect data on workplace injuries and illnesses, including their causes and contributing factors, in order to identify areas for improvement and prevent future accidents. The survey exposes unspoken safety concerns and highlights your company's safety rules and processes, focusing on drills and emergency response.

Employee safety survey questions template

Employee safety has been on top of the agenda for most organizations. In Fact organizations today are ready to go out of their way to support their employees and offer them a safe work culture and environment.

It is important for employees to feel safe at the workplace. This fosters a culture of trust within the organization. It’s not only about physical safety of the employees, it’s also about providing them with health and safety training related to their professional requirements.

In employee surveys, organizations can know if their employees are at par with these trainings and if they have any further requirements of the safety drills etc. that will make them feel safe at work.

Based on your experience regarding employee safety, how likely are you to recommend your friends and colleagues to work with us?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
About you
Please select your years of experience with this organization
Please select your job title
Please select your department
Please select the most appropriate answer option
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I am aware of my building’s evacuation plan
There are security cameras installed on the premises
All security items are updated and meet all safety standards
There are security personnel managing the premises 24*7
Organization’s approach and training
Please select the most appropriate answer option
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
My safety at work should be the priority for my organization
I have been provided with health and safety training
I am a certified first aid trainer
I was given a walk-through on the safety measures during my on-boarding
Employees can easily voice any security concerns they have
Please select the most appropriate answer option
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
The organization’s safety initiatives are frequently updated and conveyed to employees
External consultants and experts update us with safety practices and protocols
I am regularly reminded by my manager to practice safety at work
Cabs drop us home if we work till late at night
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve employee safety.


Employee safety survey questions are an important investment for organizations because they demonstrate their commitment to their employees' health and safety while also assisting in the creation of a safer and more productive workplace.

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