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Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions Template

Employee satisfaction survey questions allows you to measure your organization's employee satisfaction levels such that there is an improvement in employee mood, morale and productivity. Use this free template to power your workforce and HR strategies to cultivate a work culture that enables your organization to win from within.

1. Considering your complete employment experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or family member to join us?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How satisfied are you with the below?
2.   How purposeful do you find your work to be?
3. How demanding is your job?
4. How often do you feel stressed?
5. Are you satisfied with the compensation provided to you by the organization?
6. How often are your suggestions at work taken seriously by your co-workers?
7. How realistic are your manager’s expectations at work?
8. How often do you feel that the tasks assigned to you by your manager make you grow professionally?
9. Does your organization offer ample career growth opportunities to you?
10. Do you think you are supervised too much, too little or supervised just the right amount?
11. How satisfied are you with your employee benefits at the workplace?
12. How proud do you feel of the brand that you work with?
13. How likely are you to change your current job?
14. Do you think you feel encouraged to share new ideas related to work with your teammates and manager?
15. Do you have enough resources to perform well at your work?
16. How satisfied are you with the level of transparency in your department?
17. Do you have a clear path of career development?
18. Enlist three things you are extremely dissatisfied about this organization?
19. What are the three things you would like to suggest to make the organization’s functionality better?
20. What are the other issues not included in this survey that need to be addressed in this organization?