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Employee Training Survey Questionnaire + Sample Survey Template

Employees need the training to improve their knowledge and abilities at some point. Most employees seek workplace skills training.

Based on industry, organizations have different training sessions. Make sure your training meets those demands. Finding the perfect training survey questions to ask can be hard, so that's why you're here.

A questionnaire is an essential tool for gathering valuable feedback, especially for collecting information on the training process. A training program needs training instructors, training content, equipment, and more things to complete a training session!

All evaluations can utilize this survey template. This template allows you to gather information so you can make informed decisions.

What is an employee training survey?

An employee training survey is a questionnaire used to collect feedback from employees on their training course experiences. The survey's goal is to collect information regarding the training process's effectiveness, suggest improvement areas, and assess employee satisfaction with the training methods they got.

Training effectiveness survey questions often ask questions about the training content, the quality of the training materials, the effectiveness of the trainers, the training's relevance to the employee's job, and the overall experience of the training program.

Open-ended survey questions in the survey may also allow employees to submit more thorough feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Employee post training survey questions are given to employees after they have completed a training session. The goal of the post training surveys is to collect feedback on the training experience and evaluate the training program's effectiveness.

Benefits of employee training survey questions

Using training survey questions to collect employee feedback from employees about training programs has a number of benefits. Some of the most important benefits are:

  • Feedback on the training program's effectiveness:

    Is the training relevant or effective to your job? Employee training surveys can assess training effectiveness. Organizations may improve training survey questions by rating their training experience and feedback.

  • Identification of training needs:

    An employee training survey can help companies identify training needs and skill shortages. This information can be utilized to create future training programs that address these needs and help employees perform better.

  • Improved employee engagement:

    Companies show their commitment to employee engagement and growth by asking for employee input. This can boost employee morale and retention and allows survey participants to understand what they are investing their time on.

    To collect employee feedback from training participants, choose the correct training evaluation questions. The training survey questions are designed to gather course feedback, suggest areas for development, and measure training effectiveness.

  • Data-driven decision making:

    Employee training surveys give significant data that can be used to make educated training program decisions. Organizations can detect trends and patterns in survey results and make data-driven decisions about how to enhance their training program by evaluating survey results.

  • Demonstration of value:

    Employee training surveys can show stakeholders the value of training. This can justify training program investments and ensure proper assistance. These training survey questions will help you design better online training programs for your staff and the company.

Using free templates

Using employee training survey templates saves time and money. These templates usually ask about employee training's quality, relevance to the job, and impact on job performance. Let's have a look to a ready template below:

1. Based on your training experience, how likely are you to recommend your friends/family to the organization?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please choose the appropriate response for the following:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
The training content was clear and logical
The level of difficulty progressed through the course
The course unfolded in a clear manner
The instructor was well informed
Technical support provided was good
The instructor’s knowledge on the course content was good
The course content was relevant to the training needs
The content explained information and concepts clearly
The content was applicable to the work done in the organization
The course has ample activities
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
The case studies used were relevant to my line of work
Case studies helped me with understanding the concept clearly
Additional links and resources were very helpful
The difficulty level of assessments was appropriate
Assessment feedback was given on a timely basis
Assessments challenged me to think out of the box
Assessments were placed at regular intervals
I enjoyed working with other team members
I found ample opportunities to learn from other team members
Other team members were supportive of my learning
3. How would you rate the overall quality of the training?
4. Do you feel your skillsets have improved after the training?
5. List three important learnings from the training.
6. List three ways of improving the overall training experience.
7. Name three activities you enjoyed in the training
8. What could we have done differently?
9. Was the course material provided at the start of the training?
10. Did the training have enough multimedia content?

Responses to employee training questions

When employees have questions during training sessions, it is critical to provide clear and useful answers so that they thoroughly understand the topic. Here are some examples of responses to staff training questions:

  • Provide a concise and accurate answer:

    If an employee asks a basic question, the ideal response may be to deliver a concise, clear answer that directly addresses the subject.

  • Offer additional context or examples:

    A survey question may require a more nuanced or complex response. In many circumstances, context or examples can clarify the subject and make it easier for employees to understand.

  • Acknowledge the survey questions and offer to follow up:

    If you don't have an immediate solution to an employee's inquiry, recognize it and offer to follow up later with more information.

  • Provide feedback and guidance:

    If an employee is having difficulty with a particular area of the training process, providing comments and guidance might aid in their learning and development.

Tips for employee training questionnaires

Employee training surveys can be a useful tool for gaining feedback and insights into the effectiveness of the training program. Here are a few tips for creating good training survey questions:

  • Keep it simple:

    Use simple and concise language in your training survey questions to ensure that employees understand the question and can provide a relevant response.

  • Use a mix of question types:

    Use multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scale questions to get a complete picture of employee feedback. Avoid asking leading questions. It ensures that your queries are objective and avoids leading respondents to a particular response.

  • Test the Questionnaire:

    Test the questionnaire with a small sample of employees before distributing it to check that the questions are clear and that the questionnaire is simple to complete.

  • Training course and training material:

    It's important to ask people how they feel about your course topic. Most employees who didn't finish the course can't give honest ratings or reviews. So trainers can focus on giving training after they understand the course topic.

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