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Event Survey Template

Collect important feedback from stakeholders using this free event planning evaluation survey template. Know how was the experience of your attendees, sponsors, and organizers. Ask questions on your arrangements before the event, during an on-going event, and after the event.

Use this sample event planning evaluation questions to find out how well you planned for the event and what could be improved next time.

To gather in-depth data, this survey template is divided into four sections: Sales, Pre-Event, Event and Post-Event. Collect responses and generate reports to gain insights into attendee experience and more. You can also use the survey data to better plan your next event.

Thank you for allowing us to host your recent event. Would you please take a moment to evaluate our performance?

Please skip any questions that do not apply to your event.

We look forward to serving you again.

I - Sales phase

These questions pertain to the sales phase of the event.
How satisfied were you with the overall performance during the sales phase?
How easy was it to register for the event?
Do you have any other comments regarding the sales phase?
II - Pre-Event Phase

These questions pertain to the Pre-Event Phase of your event; The period immediately after the contract was signed. This includes all planning, discussions, and preparations leading up to the actual event.

[HOTEL] associates:
Before the event, how much of the required information did you get?
How satisfied were you with our overall planning of your event?
Other comments regarding the Pre-Event Phase?
III - Event Phase

These questions pertain to the Event itself; everything from start to finish of the event.

[HOTEL] Associates:
Please rate:

What do you think about the event length?
How satisfied were you with our overall performance during the Event Phase?
Do you have other comments regarding the Event Phase?

IV - Post Event Phase

These questions pertain to the post-event phase: This includes hotel follow-up and billing.
Considering your overall experience, how would you rate the hotel?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please share your feedback regarding hotel associates and processes.
Other comments regarding the Post-Event Phase?
If you were planning another event in this area, how likely are you to use [HOTEL] services again?
Throughout the entire event experience, did you encounter any problems?
If yes, please describe the problem.
If yes, which of the following statements best describes your feelings about the action taken by the hotel to resolve your problem(s):
Are there [HOTEL] associates you would like to recognize for outstanding service?
Based only on your personal preference, if all of the following hotel chains were located in the area where you were planning your next event, which one hotel chain would be your FIRST choice for the event?