15 Hotel Survey Questions for Feedback Questionnaire + Template

Resort Hotel Survey Template offers customizable questions about customer satisfaction with various aspect of the hotel or resort such as front desk service, room service, room quality and size, resort restaurant or lounge and overall experience with the resort. This questionnaire is often used by resorts to analyze their scope of improvement to make their services better with each visitor. Asking visitors face-to-face may not yield truthful results but sending a survey which they can choose to answer anonymously can yield the best possible results. These results can not only help you understand what exactly do the visitors think about their experience but also maintain records that can be evaluated monthly, quarterly or yearly to make improvements in the way your hotel or resort operates.

Hospitality is a highly competitive field where new hotels and resorts are launched every single day and each one of them wishes to be successful. People belonging to various ethnicities, age-groups, income-groups, races etc. visit resorts for business or pleasure. While most of the visitors may read reviews on online websites such as TripAdvisors or Make My Trip, their visit experience has to be gathered either via surveys, polls, questionnaire or face-to-face as a small dent in the resort’s reputation can cause humongous losses to their business.

Reputation management plays an integral role in managing resorts and hotels. Online survey softwares such as QuestionPro have proven to be effective tools to constantly keep track of customer experiences and make serious amend on the basis of each of the received responses. With an exhaustive list of question option, a hotel’s management can include as many question as possible according to the desired information. Answers to these questions will help them evaluate the do’s and don'ts of their business along with offering them a platform to create a list of changes they could impose in their operational system.

Please take a moment to rate our services. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Excellent Good Average Below average Poor N/A
Menu Variety
Value for price paid
Promptness of service
Quality of service
Quality of food
Quality of beverage
Excellent Good Average Below average Poor N/A
Overall, how would you rate our staff's hospitality? (Friendliness, courtesy, responsiveness)
Overall, how would you rate our resort's public areas?
Overall, how would you rate the value for the price paid?
Overall, how would you rate the resort's ability to provide a relaxing atmosphere?
Please rate the following:
Excellent Good Average Below average Poor N/A
Condition of rooms
Housekeeping services
Heating/cooling within the room
Email Address (Optional)

Why conduct a Hotel Survey?

As mentioned earlier, it is important for resorts and hotels to be better than the others who offer similar services at similar or lower costs. Here are five reasons for conducting an effective online resort hotel survey:

  • Find ways to prompt visitors to come back: A memorable stay at a resort as well as a terrible one needs to be addressed. Resort management needs to learn directly from visitors where they can improve and which were the aspects that they completely enjoyed. Word of mouth is an incredible source for customers to share their experiences and by conducting resort hotel surveys, the management can analyze whether the visitor will spread a positive or negative word. In case of negative feedback, the management can make improvements so that the same complaint can be averted.
  • Analyze whether your services are worth the money visitor’s pay: Resort visits aren’t always economical. A significant amount of money is invested by the visitor and the services provide at the resort should be worth their money. Know from the visitors' feedback about whether the availed resorts were value-for-money or not. Changes in either prices or improvement in services can happen on the basis of the feedback.
  • Leaving a pen-and-paper survey at the room no more works: There were times when people used to provide feedback via the pen-and-paper left on a table in the room. But with changing times, the response rate to those surveys has reduced and this has led to an increase in the number of people responding to online surveys. Sending online surveys and reminding visitors to fill them out has proven to be more effective than paper surveys.
  • Source to effectively minimize complaints on the web: Resorts now have an elaborate platform to share their experiences - the internet. But, internet causes damage to the resort’s reputation. Negative reviews take a significant time to fade away from the internet and requires online reputation management. To avoid such situations, collect data from customers via surveys and questionnaires - ask them to rate their experience, provide detailed insights about their experience. This way, you can minimize the complaints to a great extent before it can become almost immortal on the web!
  • Truth about the resort needs to be uncovered: Face-to-face surveys or pen-and-paper surveys often have discrepancies, in terms of honesty of feedback as customer identity is involved. Truth about the resort facilities, service, restaurant etc. can be obtained from a survey such as this one. The feedback of hotel staff, their behavior, room management, courteousness of the staff and other such aspects can be included and analyzed via the resort hotel survey. The QuestionPro sample survey has all questions that will help resorts to uncover details about resort.

Best Practices for conducting a successful Hotel Survey

  • Hotels and resorts are keen on knowing how to improve their service to make customer stays better. Sending out an email survey right after they checkout can be a productive practice as it will improve the response rates of the survey.
  • After sending survey after customers check out, you can send reminder emails to ensure a significant percentages of individuals eventually respond to the survey without ignoring it.
  • Conducting resort hotel surveys is solely for internal evaluation in most cases. How to serve the customers better from next time? Or Which factors of the resort need to be improved extensively? Or Was room service not as per customer expectations? - Answers to such questions can be obtained using questions from this resort sample survey.
  • For hotels, customer satisfaction and happiness is primary for their business. With an increase in the number of people using social media or other travel websites to publish their experience with a hotel, hotels are putting ample efforts to address customer complaints as soon as they possibly can.
  • Online surveys have been sources of detailed feedback with an increase in the number of visitors providing feedback about their visit.
  • Restrict the number of questions to the ones that are absolutely important for the growth of the resort’s business.
  • Add logic within questions wherever required to limit the number of questions.
  • It is observed that the results of answers obtained for open-ended questions were insightful for the hotel management to make specific changes according to customer demands and expectations.

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