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Hotel Survey Questions for Guest Feedback & Satisfaction Questionnaire

This resort and hotel satisfaction survey questionnaire has the right set of questions for general and targeted hotel feedback surveys. Survey templates such as this one help hotels collect insights from their guests and take decisions to serve them better. One of the questions, "According to your most recent experience, rate the following attributes?" will help hotels understand customer opinions about the quality of various attributes. Use this sample questionnaire to discover scopes of improvement and make your hotel's services better with each visitor.

What is Hotel Survey?

A hotel survey is a type of research instrument used to collect feedback and opinions from guests about their experience staying at a hotel. It typically consists of a set of questions designed to evaluate various aspects of the hotel, such as the quality of the amenities, the cleanliness of the rooms, the level of customer service, and the overall satisfaction of the guests. The survey may be conducted in various formats, such as online, paper-based, or through interviews, and is often used by hotels to gather feedback from guests to improve their services and enhance their overall guest experience.

Free Hotel Survey Templates for Guests

These templates are pre-built surveys designed by experts to capture the most relevant and vital feedback from hotel guests. By using free hotel survey templates, such as those offered, hoteliers can save time and effort in survey creation and focus on analyzing the data collected to make data-driven decisions. You can easily use or customize our templates according to the hotel's unique requirements. Our free hotel survey templates allow to gain valuable insights into their guests' experiences and take the necessary steps to improve their services and grow their businesses.

Please take a moment to rate our services. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Considering your complete experience at our hotel, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or a colleague?
0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Below average
Menu Variety
Value for price paid
Promptness of service
Quality of service
Quality of food
Quality of beverage
How would you rate our resort on the basis of the below?
Below average
Our staff's hospitality? (Friendliness, courtesy, responsiveness)
Resort's public areas?
Value for the price paid?
Ability to provide a relaxing atmosphere?
Please rate the following:
Below average
Condition of rooms
Housekeeping services
Heating/cooling within the room
Email Address (Optional)

Top 3 reasons to use this hotel and resort survey template

  • Measure the hotel's Net Promoter Score:

    It measures the net promoter score of the resort by calculating the percentage of guests who are promoters and subtract the percentage of customers who are detractors.

  • Evaluate guest satisfaction on important hospitality parameters:

    This survey questionnaire evaluates the overall hospitality of the resort based on parameters like location, value, food, price, ambiance, and cleanliness.

  • Collect feedback on resort ambiance:

    Gather feedback on your resort atmosphere and improve it to serve the new guest better. It also evaluates how the resort environment boosts the customer's happiness level.


Hotel surveys are essential tools for hoteliers to gather feedback and opinions from guests, which can help them improve their services, enhance the guest experience, and ultimately drive business growth. With the help of hotel survey templates, such as those offered by QuestionPro Survey Software, hoteliers can easily create and customize their surveys, collect valuable data, and gain insights into their guests' preferences and needs.

By leveraging the power of hotel surveys, hotels can build a culture of ongoing improvement and deliver exceptional experiences that keep guests coming back. With the help of our hotel survey templates, hoteliers can streamline the survey creation process and focus on the analysis and action planning that will help them drive their business forward.