20 Fast Food Survey Questions & Sample Questionnaire Template

This fast-food survey template aims at gathering critical insights regarding the fast-food consumption habits among the customers, the amount of money spent by them on purchasing fast food, and gathering feedback about the effects of fast food on health. This questionnaire sample can be edited according to the objective of the survey and sent out to the target audience to get better insights about fast food consumption.

What is your gender?
What age category do you belong to?
Do you consume fast food?
How often do you consume fast food on a weekly basis?
Do you consume food at home that can be prepared instantly (like noodles, canned food, frozen food, food that is easily made in microwave)?
How often do you consume instantly made food (like noodles, canned food, frozen food, food that can be prepared easily in a microwave) at home?
Do you have a fixed meal time that you follow?
Do your family members also consume fast food?
Has your purchasing habit ever been influenced by promotions of fast food chains on social media?
Please select the fast-food restaurants you visit frequently.
On an average how much money do you spend on buying fast food per week?
Do you have any of these health conditions? 
What are your thoughts on fast food consumption in relation to its health effects?
What percentage of discount would you need to switch from your current brand to a competitor brand?
Please indicate how you feel about the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Somewhat disagree
Somewhat agree
Strongly agree
The last fast food meal I had was worth the price
I feel fast is cheaper than regular food items
I prefer fast food over any other meal
Please rank the following, in the order of highest to lowest importance, while selecting a fast food restaurant.
Customer service
Drive in
I enjoy consuming only meat preparation in a fast food restaurant
I exercise and workout to keep myself healthy.
Do you use discount coupons to buy fast food?
Which amongst the following best describes your employment type?
What is your ethnicity?

Top 5 Reasons To Use This Fast Food Survey Template

1. To explore and understand the fast-food consumption habits of your consumers.

2. To evaluate the consumer's average weekly/monthly spend on fast food.

3. Evaluate consumer preferences for fast-food over slow food.

4. Collect insight into people's awareness levels for the effects of fast food on their health and their health conditions, if any.

5. Collect insights into the impact of price sensitivity and discounts on people's choice to prefer fast food.

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