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Job Support and Empowerment Survey Template

Job support and empowerment survey template is designed to collect feedback from the employees regarding the support provided to them to do their job at workplace. A good business is one where employee feel empowered to do their jobs efficiently. A good boss is one who finds creative solutions to empower the employees. This survey template consists of questions designed to understand how employees feel at work.

This questionnaire helps organizations to learn how to support their employees and focus of enabling them to get their tasks done. This way employees become more efficient and spend less time on repeating tasks. This survey can be customized to suit the business needs of an organization.

Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend our products to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please choose the most appropriate answer options
Very Dissatisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
I have the support and authority to make the decisions necessary for accomplishing assigned tasks.

My department uses employee feedback to make improvements.

I have enough involvement in decisions that affect my work.

This is the type of job in which I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

The work I do makes a difference.

I understand how my work contributes to the company's overall goals and strategy.

I feel valued as a team member.
I receive encouragement to come up with new and better ways of doing things.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the recognition you receive for doing a good job?
What are the three things you like about the organization?
What could we have done differently?