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Knowledge Management Survey Template

This free knowledge management survey template lets you survey organizations and collect data on whether there are knowledge management processes in place. You can use this sample questionnaire to assess if there is a free flow of information within the organization and if employees are encouraged to share their ideas.

Use knowledge management survey questions as they are or customize them to suit your needs.

1. Does your organization have a knowledge management department?
2. The employees have the liberty to visit and access information from the said department.
3. Knowledge management service helps you with performance management.
4. Employees participate in improving knowledge management services.
5. Organizational structure facilitates its employees to accomplish their tasks based on the feedback by knowledge management department.
6. Discussions/meetings are conducted around new concepts and ideas.
7. There is a free flow of information within the organization.
8. Management is open to ideas proposed by employees.
9. If you face any issues/challenges at work who helps the employees solve those issues?
10. Employees exchange information freely among each other irrespective of the departments.