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Leadership Assessment Survey Template

Leadership Assessment Survey Template by QuestionPro consists of 16 questions to understand leadership skills of an individual. This survey template example is designed to carry questions that help in understanding the characteristics and attributes of being a good and a successful leader. In this questionnaire, questions are a mix of demographic and leadership evaluation questions to get a complete understanding on an individual’s perspective on leadership. A researcher can use the same template or can customize it to best suit their own needs.

What is your gender?
What age bracket do you fall in?
Please choose your highest educational qualification.
What is your total work experience?
Do you think a good leader needs to have excellent communication skills?
A good leader must be fair and honest in his/her approach.
What are the important attributes of a good leader? Please rank the following in order of interest:
Motivational skills
Interpersonal skills
Time management
Do you think it is important for a leader to provide constructive feedback?
A leader needs to set well-defined and time bound goals.
A leader must coach his/her team members to achieve success.
Do you think a good leader should be a good learner?
A leader should be optimistic and provide a positive environment for his/her team members.
In complex situations, a leader must allow his/her team members to sort it out on their own.
Employees should be rewarded or punished in order to motivate them to do good work.
Leaders need to encourage their subordinates to accept responsibility for completing their tasks.
A leader is the chief judge of achievements of his/her team members.