New Hire Questionnaire + Sample Survey Template New Hire Questionnaire

New hire questionnaire is essential to create a good onboarding experience for your new employees. This sample survey template asks the right questions to collect the right responses. This survey is designed to improve employee feedback strategy that is essential for an organization. This questionnaire provides valuable information to the organization about what went well and what didn’t. This survey template can be customized to suit the organization’s need.

Finding and recruiting the right talent for an organization is a certain knack, and takes time and efforts. Systematic feedback from the employees helps an organization improve the process. Asking employees for their insight, especially in the early weeks of employment reinforces their faith in the employer. You don’t need to spend hours creating the right survey, we have got that done for you.

1. Based on your overall experience with the hiring process, how likely are you to recommend your friends/family to this organization?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. What are the three things you liked about the onboarding process?
3. What attributes of your job excite you the most?
4. What aspects of your job are you worried about?
5. Are you satisfied with the information shared with you at the time of onboarding?
6. Have you finished with the documentation procedure?
7. Please choose the most appropriate answer options for the following:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
There was an appropriate amount of information available on the open role and the job itself
A good amount of information was made available about the company/product/services
The people I dealt with during the interview process were professional.
The interview and interviewer were engaging
The interviews started on time
The recruiting process put me in a position to make a reasonably informed decision around whether I want to work for My Company
I felt welcomed throughout the process
You feel prepared to take on challenges
You understand your KRAs effectively
You receive enough assistance to understand the work you are assigned
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Your queries are being answered to your satisfaction
You are getting along with your manager and teammates
You have a fair understanding of how your work will be evaluated
You feel your ideas and opinions are welcomed by your teammates
You understand the organization’s goals
You understand how your role contributes to the organization’s development
8.  What do you think about the organization’s culture?
9. What could we have done differently?
10. Do you see yourself here in three years and why?

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