Survey Templates B2B Surveys Project Extranets in the Construction Industry Survey + Sample Questionnaire Template

Project Extranets in the Construction Industry Survey + Sample Questionnaire Template

Project extranets in the construction industry survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the usage extranets, the potential benefits, the barriers and the overall opinion about its use in the construction industry.

For instance, it is essential for project team members in the construction industry to access drawing, photographs, and documents. All of this needs to be online and it is necessary to have features such as commenting or modifying these documents in real-time. For such cases, an extranet is used, which allows all members who are given access to the specific documents to communicate effectively in the team.

Following are the questions to gather opinions from the users about the potential benefits and barriers that come along with project extranets:

Personal and Organizational Identification
Email Address
Full name of your organization

Classification of the organisation
Please identify the core business activity of your organization.

How many branches does your organization have in this country?
What is the approximate number of employees present in your organization?

IT (Information Technology) Working Environment
How important is IT for the following in your organization?

How much experience does your company have of working with Construction Project Extranets?

How often do you use the following to store project relevant information?

How often do you use the following tools to resolve design/construction problems within the project team?

Potential Benefits
How important are the following co-ordination tools in a construction project extranet?
In your opinion, how important are the following points?

How useful is content elaboration for the following points, done through Web forms/databases? 
In your opinion, please state how important are the following points?

When compared to communication via conventional procedures, which of the following Extranet function would help you save time?

How useful is the online management of project workflows?
In your opinion, how important is the automation of construction project routine tasks?
Do you think, although the set up of process workflows is time-consuming, it will help to save time in the long run?
Potential Barriers
Are the following issues a potential impediment to use a Construction Project Extranet?
Please use the box below for any additional comments you wish to make on the subject.